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Day 1 - A frantic start

Catching a flight to Sydney

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Well true to form I am not ready for this trip. I have washed and most has dried but that's about it. Drive Sam to the station then it's home to get everything into the suitcase, shower and head in for coffee with my ex-work friends at 10. All going well so far.

Back home and finish packing, do some washing for Sam, wash up and ring a cab to get to the airport by 12.30. Yeah right that's not asking too much. One load of washing in the machine but not out again. Finished my packing- all in but the kitchen sink as it was full of dishes!

Rang for a cab at 12.10, hmm don't think I will get there at 12.30. Mad dash to get out the door without letting the cats out. Epic fail! Oh well Sam will fix that and everything else when he gets home. Got to the airport 45 minutes before my flight, not only did I arrive in time to check my bag but it weighed less than the normal allowance of 23 kg. I packed my ipad and surface into my handbag so had to remove them for the hand luggage scanning process. Then yes I got picked again for the explosives check. I spent a few minutes in the Qantas lounge before my flight started to board.

By the time I got down to the gate I didn't have to wait long to board, had to wait in that bridge thing to get onto the plane though. The two guys in front of me knew the two women behind me, so had a conversation in their outside voices about some event they had been to and the people (possibly well known) they manage. So full of their own importance but I couldn't give a rats about what they do or who they know. The guys found their seats, and thankfully for their fellow passengers the two women were seated about 10 rows behind them. Got to my seat at the very back of the plane, the guy in the middle seat was reading an ipad/kindle taking up both armrests and wasn't budging. One on the many reasons why I always select an aisle seat. This is when I discovered the stylus pen that was attached to the side of the surface was missing.

I felt sick! I was sure Sam had said you can't buy them anywhere. I looked around on the floor around my seat but of course it wasn't there. It could be anywhere! As soon as we landed and I could text I told Sam and asked him to look around when he gets home, along with fixing all the other stuff. He seemed annoyed and told me to stop texting him. I guess he was at work and couldn't really help me anyway. I was still upset.

Off the plane and my bag was one of the last ones out. It is quite distinctive so unlike all the people pulling black or red cases off the conveyor and putting them back again I knew which one was mine. Off to the train, hmmmm I forgot about all these stairs great with a heavy suitcase. Into the city and found the Vibe hotel fairly easily. It turns out I found it easier than the hotel finding my booking. Thank goodness I had the email confirmation on my ipad. Took a while but they eventually hooked me up with a room - not a twin room like I requested but I guess it's better than nothing which is where I was.

Dinner I could have ordered room service but thought I would have a look around. Nothing to see here! The hotel has a coffee shop and a buffet, I can get a toastie from the coffee shop, so I'll have that and a cappuccino. First time I have experienced a toastie where the bread was nicely toasted and hot on the outside but the butter on the inside had not even started to melt. The cheese was cold as was the Spanish ham. It was awful. At least it was served with great chips - hot chips.

Back up to the room and settle in for the night. It's quite noisy, both from the traffic a few floors below and from neighbouring rooms. Doors slamming cos they don't seem to be able to close any other way, conversations at top volume in the corridors permeate into the room and distract from the TV. After several tries I finally worked out how to play movies on the surface, I can use my headphones that I remembered to pack.

Checked on Sam but he wasn't giving me any news on my surface pen and I wasn't going to ask. I am sure he will look tomorrow and let me know if he finds it. I can't even order a new one on line - I could if I lived in the US but not here. Pathetic customer service since the surface is only a few months old.

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